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The coat finally came today - we were waiting on some raincoats to be sent in the same parcel. So it was not in time for the regionals. However, it poured with rain over that weekend, so it was not really hot weather anyway. And now our winter seems to have set in. I think I will have to wait for our summer to brag with my fancy cooling coat J.
It fits perfectly. Doesn’t she look grand J I am so looking forward to seeing how well it works.

Now the Border Collie will be next up for a Chillybuddy – so when I am ready to order for her, I will call on you for advice in measurement again if you don’t mind. Her height is similar to the Kerry, but she is about and inch longer.
Thanks again for your advice with the order.


I called you in early April with questions about the use of Chillybuddy in the humid Florida weather for my 14 year old Brittany, Rolo. Well I was hesitant to think that it would work when I saw it. I soaked it and off we went to the park. My old boy had some real pep in his step. He's a nervous old guy and I felt for sure he'd hate it, but its so lightweight and cool, he loves it. While it won't take 10 years off of him, I can see a real difference, he's back to enjoying himself outdoors again.

I've found another use for it, the other day I was carrying it over my arm and shoulder before I put it on the dog and I was so cool I couldn't believe it.So I decided to try it for myself and secured it around my neck and had it cover my back. I will be using it when I mow the lawn this summer. The dog and I may be fighting over it. Thanks wonderful product! Hope to find you some more Florida business.

Janice C.